I was 27 when I asked her out. She was so witty, she could give comedians a run for their money. With her wavy black hair that never seemed to end, her passion for people around her was deep and i was lucky to be the one she chose to date. On my way back from work, I would drive through her shop, and she would burst out clutching her pink beaded purse and entered the car, blessing me with her soft smile and the feminine vanilla fragrance she carried with her.
“How was work today”, she’d ask in her tiny voice.
“It was just there”, I’d reply with a smile.
She would give me full details on how her day went (it was mostly filled with humor) and we would stop at our spot right behind Funkiz Bistro, to have dinner (usually something light).
People thought of us as the perfect couple.
We spent most of our weekends together, my aunt was always giving us invitation to her club parties and other owanbe in town. Amaka loved the parties, most especially the matching outfits. On Sundays, we would go to the church together and hang out with one or two of our friends. Amaka was my peace and joy. She wasn’t like most girls in the neighborhood that was after already made men. Her plan was to save up from her small business, and pursue her masters in information technology. I knew she was the one for me and I just needed to make more money, so I could support her dreams financially and marry her.

I got promoted at work which meant an increase in my salary. I remember how her voice echoed through the empty dark street, when i informed her about my promotion. She was overjoyed and immediately asked us to give a prayer of thanksgiving, right in the middle of the street.
I’d manage to save enough money to support her for her masters degree in Canada but I waited for Val’s day to make it more special, then I gave her the cheque as my val present. I remember the way Amaka held me close and cried into my arms, I didn’t mind the stain on my shirt or her smeared make up. I just wanted to see my baby smile. She adjusted her make up and we had a cool Val date.

She started acting distant few weeks to her departure. On some days she would bless me with the silent treatment, but I didn’t read meaning to it, knowing she was with me, and we were going to work things out no matter what.
I wanted to engage her before she traveled, but I didn’t want to rush her. Traveling outside the continent was a major life move for her and I didn’t want her to feel pressured, so I chose to wait for her to finish her masters before we move to the next stage of our relationship.
We used to engage in foreplay, but we never made love in two years of our relationship. It was the night before Amaka’s departure that we finally made love. I’d organized a little get together with our loved ones, it was an emotional night. We all agreed that we would miss Amaka because of her sense of humor and loving nature. I left the gathering and went into my room to cry when Amaka walked in wearing that red, cut out dress. She held me close and kissed my lips ever so softly. Her lips felt sweet and the smell of her cologne never failed to turn me on. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I kissed her back. Nice, wet, and strong. My grip on her tightened, I pinned her against the wall and kissed her with the same intensity. Oh it had so long been since I had felt anybody against mine like this. Her body craved mine while she slipped her hand inside my shirt. I took off her dress, then her lace bra. That night I made love to Amaka like never before. It was quick but the best, most pleasurable sex I ever had.
We dressed up and joined the rest of our loved ones till they left. We had our bath together, discussed our future and how we should always keep in touch till dawn. We both cried like babies and I couldn’t bring myself to drive her to the airport, so I ordered for a cab to drive her to the airport.

She disabled her social media accounts so I could only access her email. Every day, I’d write her emails which could see into my soul, capture my spirit and show her how much I was missing her. She would reply on some days and even call me whenever she needed money. I never complained for once, because I believed that school was taking most of her time, and it was best that I let her focus. Things were like that for over a year, and I began to feel an anxious emptiness creeping up. I considered quitting my job, and going over to Canada, but my friends advised me not to.

On my birthday, Amaka didn’t send the type of heart felt message she usually sent. I was sad. That evening after work, while nursing a bottle of Budweiser with Akin, my colleague. I let slip that I’d been trying to communicate with Amaka, but she acts different. His eyes grew wide, startled.
“That’s sad”, he said, his right hand holding the glass of beer paused in mid air.
“It’s almost two years, you should move on”.
“I can’t” , I mumbled.
“By the way did you hear what instablog posted about the hotel demolition by Wike?”
I asked, effectively changing the subject of our discussion.

That night, I thought about what Akin said and was just going through a church member’s post when I saw a comment with the name “AmyGold”. I didn’t know what prompted me to click on the profile, when I saw my Amaka. She had pictures of the places she’d visited with a taut looking Caucasian on her page. Their wine tasting trip in Hawke’s bay New Zealand, Spaghetti crawl in Rome and Beaching it up in Santorini. I was stunned. I lost count in the times she turned down my plea to open a social media account. I cried and cried. I called my parents and didn’t believe they could ever be supportive. My mom was my closest friend and my dad became my closest guide. I never felt so close with them. I reached out to Amaka, but I was slapped with unanswered calls, unreturned mails (she even blocked me on her AmyGold page), and more pain. I cried a million tears but it didn’t make my love stay. Moving on is not easy, but I wished her well, and then I stayed away.

I tried writing a lot, reading books, listening to music and basically, doing all I could to make myself occupied, but still the thoughts flood my mind. This night, I tuned in to the Pillow Talk show on Soft FM and while other people called in to make their song requests and throw shout outs, the voice of the presenter flooded my ear. On impulse, I grabbed my phone and dialed the hotline.

“Hello oh, thanks for calling Soft FM, what’s your name and where are you calling from?”

“I’m Oba, calling from Badore”, I replied.

“Welcome Oba, is this your first time calling?”

“Yes” I replied.

She rang a bell like she does for first timers. “What song do you want me to play for you?”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of a song, opened my eyes and asked
“can I request for two songs?

“Sure, you can” she replied

So, I asked her to play me “Amaka Disappoint Me by 2face and Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Mark Ronson”.

“Who are you dedicating it to?” she asked.

“My ex” I replied.
She wanted to ask further questions, but I cut the call and stared into space. I could hear the sound of siren from a distance (trying to figure out what the person in the ambulance’s life was like before the emergency) my mind slipped into the blank.


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For 15 years of our marriage, Jason never missed my birthday. He would be the first to wish me and would also throw a party for me no matter how small. I wasn’t the party type, I liked to spend my birthday quietly but Jason changed that. My birthdays with Jason were always filled with love and happy tears.
Everything I had known before was never to be again. It was a chilled wine day, laden with the hot greasy scents of frying pancakes and powdery-sweet waffles cooked on the hotplate right next to the coffee brewer in our open kitchen.
The kids were away at the boarding house so, they called to wish me a happy birthday, family and friends called too, but my Jason didn’t say a word. He was in his study all day, and only came out for lunch. I thought he was planning a surprise party for me but it wasn’t so. There was no birthday wish or present from Jason at 7pm. Standing in my Fendi robe, I felt ambivalent. I didn’t want to assume things anymore, so, I walked into the study and asked if he was aware that it was my birthday. His jaw dropped. He totally forgot that it was my birthday, and then he started apologizing profusely, he dashed to the garage in his blue joggers with a matching shirt and he drove off into the almost deserted street. While he was out, I was wondering why Jason of all people, would forget my birthday. The sky was blanketed with dark clouds by the time Jason returned. He could sense my mood when he walked in with a cake and card, so he did all he could to make me smile. Jason performed my favorite song and did that little dance that made me smile. I forgave him, and we had a good night (it’s better late than never).
Overtime, Jason started forgetting little things. He once called a wrist watch a hand clock. He would mistake the names of our kids. He didn’t want to go out or party again, relationships with those around us were deteriorating rapidly because it was hard to keep a conversation with Jason. Most people thought he was just being rude.

My dad asked us to visit the hospital because Jason wasn’t the type to forget things, but I refused. I was in denial and didn’t want to believe that my Jason was sick. During the summer vacation, I was out with the kids when Jason called me to come and pick him up at an unknown destination because he had forgotten the route to our house. That was the final blow of reality to me, how could Jason forget the road to our house. He spent most of his youth in that same house, before we got married and even when we had too much alcohol to drink at parties, he would still drive us home. I drove the kids home first, then I took a cab to where my husband was. He looked really disturbed, the sparkle in his hazel eyes wasn’t there and he kept apologizing for stressing me. When we got home, he shrugged out of his coat and jacket and dropped them by the silver stand close to the door, then he went straight to our room. I understood that he was still feeling embarrassed and I didn’t want to complicate the situation, so I didn’t follow him to the room. My ears were as cold as my nose because of the cold weather. I prepared a nice warm batch of fresh baked cookie while I listened to Amber and Daps argue about the best pop artiste in town. After the kids had gone to bed, I took some cookies and a fresh juice to Jason. We ate in silence then he tried to make out with me. This time, it was different, he didn’t know where to touch like he used to. We gave up at a point and when we woke up the next day, I talked to him about visiting the hospital, he had his brows furrowed and he was lost in thought for a moment then he agreed to visit the hospital. The GP at the hospital asked some basic questions and my husband couldn’t even remember his name (which was weird and embarrassing). He referred us to a specialist, but we couldn’t meet with the neurologist until the following week. After the first test, we had to go through months of repeated tests before the diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease was confirmed.
It was a very sad news in our family and the people we thought were our closest friends deserted us. I would spend hours in the bath tub crying, and wondering if things would ever get better, I am a sensual being so it was difficult for me to adjust to a new way of sharing intimacy.
Amber and Daps are compassionate kids. When they were in school, they would ask to know what was going on at home and when they came home for break they spent most of their time at home. They did their best to make their daddy happy and they never got angry whenever he forgot their names or something important to them. Amber would make sure Jason joins her during her morning work out while Daps made him play video games. Amber has my brunette hair, she can be very shy but that ends once she gets comfortable. Daps has the look of his uncle, he’s very smart and has a good sense of humor.
We tried to make every moment count, and we made a lot of video/picture collage.
He took his medication seriously. The Aricept medication Jason was placed on had a slight effect on Jason for weeks.
My husband made a will, he claimed his benefits and informed the DVLA about his state of health. He also appointed my nephew White Stone to be his attorney. We started sharing our experience of Alzheimer’s disease with people around us and on social media platforms. The days he got so involved and played like nothing was wrong were our happiest days. Jason’s condition continued to deteriorate, so, we were advised to take him to a nursing home. I refused. Instead, we moved to our other house at the beach side because of the serenity.

It hurts to see the love of my life forget about me and everything we shared, but I’m going to stay by him till the end not just because I vowed to but because nothing can change my love for him.

Don’t discriminate when you meet people living with medical conditions. Show love and understanding because they need all the support and love they can get.


After youth service, I spent months going from one interview to another. I graduated with a second class lower so the main companies I was eyeing didn’t call me back. The ones that called back were offering to pay me like they would pay for puffpuff. After months of searching, I started getting used to my job as a full time liability in my father’s house. One evening a friend posted on our NYSC group chat that the company he works with are hiring and the pay is attractive. I sent my CV to the email and went back to viewing whatsapp status till my data got exhausted. I didn’t go online until 7pm the next day, I checked my mail and saw that I was invited for the interview earlier that day. Feeling bad that I missed it, I emailed the HR asking if we could reschedule using the bad network as an excuse for not getting the mail on time, the HR gave me another date, so I dropped my phone and went to iron my best shirt (never to be caught unfresh).

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I got to the venue on time, did the interview well, and I was expecting to resume my job as a communication specialist in a big insurance company. I was so excited. On the ride home, I kept picturing myself in my new office, using accent to attend to clients and even posting lit office selfies on the gram. My mum and my sis couldn’t sleep that night because I didn’t stop talking about my new job and how my level had changed. I got a mail the next morning, relating that I was expected to resume by 9am on Monday. That same day, my dad sent me money to get a new laptop so I can register for online courses and improve my skills. I went to the ATM to withdraw the money, so I can go to Alaba international market and buy fairly used laptop from Nduka my neighbor’s boyfriend. The queue at the ATM stand was much so, it was already late to go to Alaba market by the time I was able to withdraw.
I went home and saw my sister and my mum packing to go spend the weekend with my older sister. My dad isn’t based in Lagos, so I was left to stay in the whole building alone. That Friday night was so boring and to top it NEPA refused to give us power. The next day, it rained so bad, and there was still no light, I decided to give myself a treat with the extra change on the laptop money. I packed a little bag and headed out of my estate, searching for a cheap hotel, I could lodge for a day, I checked google for hotels around and the price was not friendly, so I checked random hotels that were cheap on google, I was lucky to get one within my price range in another area, so I took bike to the street. I saw a pale blue building at the end of the street, so I walked inside the hotel in my yellow play suit. The hotel smelt wonderful with the beautiful, strong scent of tropical flowers. One man was busy at the desk of the hotel rotating his radio antenna.

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I walked to the counter, greeted him and asked for the prices of their rooms, I was surprised that the highest was #4,000 why the least of their rooms was #1,000. I paid for the highest as per big girl concerned and an old lady came to usher me to my room upstairs. As we were climbing, the stairs creaked loudly with every step, it was almost as if the steps had been stomped on by a heavy force or fat man like my best friend’s father. The room was quite small. A neatly laid bed was in the corner of the room, the walls looked like what they used half bucket to paint. She handed me a brown towel with tissue, soap and paste then she grinned in an irregular way. She hesitated, then asked if I would like some tea, not wanting to stress the old woman, I told her not to bother. She insisted that it was part of what I paid for, so I asked her to bring it. She grinned again, then left.
There was something about the old woman’s grin that gave me a tingling sensation up my spine, the hotel was too deserted for my liking but it was cheap. As I was thinking about her weird grin, she cleared her throats and announced that my tea was ready. I collected it from her, thanked her and I sipped my tea. The tea had a slight sweet hint that made me request for more and while she was returning to my room, she brought in a tray piled with enticing looking food. I drank my second cup of tea and the sweetness settled on my tongue. I didn’t like the after-taste of the tea but that didn’t stop me from feasting on the food that was served on the tray (based on a die hard foodie that I am).

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I couldn’t believe that #4,000 was the cost for that type of satisfying treat. Shortly after eating, I slept off and by the time I woke up it was very late at night. I saw the old woman and the man I met at the counter, beside my bed, they had harmful objects in their hands and threatened to finish me if I dare move or scream. I was sweating profusely and begging them not to harm me (hey God! they wanted to kill me before I enjoy this life). They collected my phone, my gold necklace and my laptop money then they signaled two boys to come and take me out. They carried me like bag of fufu and dropped me in an unknown location. It was dark, I had no phone or money to get home. I didn’t know where I was, but I kept walking until I saw a bike drove by, I quickly shouted “okada, okada” so the bike man stopped, asked me what I was doing in such a dangerous place and helped me to the main road. From the main road, I was able to locate my estate, so I trekked for about 45 minutes (I cried all through the walk). When I got home, i used my neighbor’s phone to call my mum, I told her I was robbed at Alaba market when I wanted to pay for my laptop, she became so dramatic, she asked my neighbor to stay with me for the night and first thing in the morning, my mum and my sis were back home. Mum called all our family members to give testimony that I’m alive. She lent her extra itel phone to me, I was appreciative at first until I switched to front camera and saw the quality. I couldn’t complain, and I had to limp around the house just to maintain character.
The next day, I woke up early and got ready for my new job, my mum wasn’t in support of my leaving the house considering the fact that I was limping but I insisted. I got to the company on time. The HR introduced me to the rest of my colleagues after giving me my appointment letter. I was asked to go to the cafeteria for free lunch, I kept smiling and speaking calmly. After lunch I went back to the hall I was sitting with some colleagues there was no special office. The office settings I imagined was different from my reality. I didn’t do anything that day and for weeks I kept attending office trainings, I complained to the HR that I knew the training was good but why did the facilitator asked us (myself and colleagues) to batch ourselves and go to different location to prospect. He explained that our main job was marketing and the reason he told me that my job was to be a Communication Specialist was because I will specialize in communicating the company’s services to the public. I was sad and I felt cheated because if I’d known that it was a marketing job, I wouldn’t have spent so much on transport or change of wardrobe (half bread is better than none so I continued working with the firm).
My colleagues and I would trek from sun up to sun down looking for prospects all around Lagos, some people would insult us and even laugh at us when we meet them to prospect. My shoes were worn out (especially the black one, even the aboki in my estate was tired of fixing the sole) and my skin was looking darker. I suffered from depression and anxiety. Then I met my first client, he didn’t stress me, he ended up linking me to his wealthy friends who later bought insurance and put me on the right track in my place of work. From the jobless girl I transitioned to the Lagos marketer that would trek under any weather and then I transitioned into the sales expert that was making about half a million every month. I went for more trainings on insurance, got certified and opened my brokerage firm (so yeah, I’m a proper big girl now).

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As the sun breaks free from the clouds, I could feel it splash over my face so I lazily lifted my eyelids and said a little prayer of gratitude to Mother Nature. I could feel the breeze teasing my hair as I walked down the stairs and headed for the restroom. Nnanke was out of view but I could perceive the smell of the vanilla biscotti coffee she was brewing. So I went to the kitchen to greet her and I quickly went upstairs to pick my phone because I’d made a mental note to document most part of my beach experience.

As I was listening tothe waves crash and enjoying the feel of the sand between my toes, Nnanke brought my coffee. I could see big red crabs coming in and out of their holes and it made my stomach rumble, I realized how much I missed my mother’s cooking. She used to make the most delicious sea food meal with veggies every Sunday morning. I tried to call her but the network wasn’t so friendly so I sent a picture of the crabs with a caption saying: “I can’t wait to see you mama”. I knew it would make her day, my mother is a sweet soul.

I spent about an hour basking in the sun and making videos before joining Nnanke at the porch for our daily meditation. Nnanke was appointed to me on my first day at the beach house to make sure that I’m well attended to.
One thing that I found fascinating about her was her different way of meditating. When I asked about her style of meditating, she explained that she was performing a sacral chakra and she taught me how to do the self care ritual. I learnt that a sacral chakra helps to get rid of the negative energy around the womb space and build the connection with oneself.

I had a proper breakfast, showered and went upstairs to update my blog. While I was on that, an idea for a shoot crossed my mind so I decided I would take a walk around the beach to see if I could get a male volunteer for the shoot. I slept and woke up just in time to witness the beautiful sunset. I slid into my Gucci one band slides, wore a kimono, applied perfume oil, styled my curls, picked up my sunshades and walked out of the house. While the breeze was making my kimono to sway, I was humming to Lovely by Billy Eilish and swinging my handmade tote bag over my shoulder when I saw a blonde emerging from the beach. He was tall and burly, exactly what I had in mind for the shoot. I waited for him to settle at his spot before I walked up to him and asked if he wouldn’t mind featuring on my blog. Despite his look, Kelvin spoke very calm and I was glad when he agreed to do the shoot.

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The shoot was booked for four days time so we met at the appointed day for the shoot. We brainstormed on some ideas and made magic. The shoot came out nice and it had a lot of engagement on my blog. Subsequently, he started coming over for friendly lunch/dinner dates, we did other shoots too and he refused to get paid for the shoots.
We became friends, we could talk about nature for days and not get tired. I got to know that he was part Scandinavian and part Nigerian, he worked as a maritime engineer and he resigned last year after his divorce. We bonded in a strange way after we shared stories of our lives in bits and pieces.

One evening, we were seeing a famous orchestra play, when he reached his hand across the seat and grabbed mine tightly, I was shocked and made a little squeak noise. Then he reassured me with a smile, our intertwined fingers rested on my thighs and for that moment I was lost in my imagination, it felt as though my heart was pounding but I quickly snapped out of it.
After the play, we bumped into my ex and his new catch. I never imagined he would agree to go for a vacation, especially in a place like this, considering how he always had an excuse for being extremely busy with building his career. His new girlfriend looked like a goddess and I couldn’t help but feel a type of way. Kelvin noticed my shift in personality but he didn’t say a word.

The next day we planned on swimming and I was already in my swimsuit, it was the first time we were swimming together and it was the first time he was seeing me in a more revealing cloth so I was a bit uncomfortable. He asked why I was acting weird but I kept quiet, and subconsciously moved my hand to cover my stomach. That was when it struck him.
“Tola is this why you are acting weird? Are you insecure because I’m seeing your bikini body?” I was quiet still so he grabbed my chin in his hands, he looked directly into my eyes and said “you are a very beautiful woman and your body is the best home for your soul, you are perfect for me, okay? Don’t you ever feel uncomfortable around me.”
We hugged and I felt so at peace by just resting my head on his chest, it was when Nnanke coughed that we broke the hug and turned to face her. My face flushed because I wasn’t expecting her to my see me in such a state. Nnanke smiled and asked if she could join us and my reply was “sure why not?” The three of us had a nice and memorable evening. When it was time for Kelvin to go home he dropped a necklace in my palm and I didn’t check it out until I got to my room. “værdsætte” was inscribed on it, I looked it up on google and it meant “Cherish” we are two grown ups so I knew what he meant and felt butterflies in my stomach.

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The next day after my lunch, I was reading at a hidden beach grove when I overheard two locals discussing. The elderly man’s daughter fell ill so she couldn’t follow him to fish and he was complaining to his friend about how stressful it was without her. I felt sorry for him so I walked up to them and offered to join him the next day. I didn’t see Kelvin that day and I didn’t want to push by going over to his place so I prepared my blog content for the next day and relaxed.
I met the old man close to the grove and we headed to his fishing spot. He taught me how to cast and I mistakenly flinched a bait hook into his mouth. After hours of trying, we were exhausted and we were just getting back to land; he’d caught two little wriggler and I’d caught nothing. I was determined to catch a lot of fish so I told him to meet me at the same spot the next day. The next day I caught a fish and I was so excited.
We continued fishing together even after his daughter Layla has recovered. With Layla around, we caught more fishes. It was as though she was made to capture sea creatures. Sometimes, I go over to their house to eat part of our bounty. I didn’t get to see Kelvin for some days because whenever he came over to my house, I was already out with Layla and Grandpa Chief. Kelvin thought I was avoiding him and he was right. After my previous relationship I decided that I would take all the time I could take loving myself and if I ever go into a relationship it would be with someone that loves me genuinely and shares a higher vibration.

My coffee mornings at the beach side, meditating with Nnanke, shooting for my blog, reading, and fishing with my Island family became a routine. Kelvin on the other hand felt sad because he wanted to spend time in my company but I was intentionally unavailable. He spoke to Nnanke about his feelings and she promised to talk to me. Nnanke loved the fact that I was making new friends and healing from past wounds but she wasn’t happy with the way I was avoiding Kelvin. She kept telling me to make out time for Kelvin, because she could sense that I was blocking him out and she didn’t want that for me. She wanted me to embrace my emotions because neglecting it was bad for my sacral chakra. I went over to Kelvin’s house that night and saw him packing into his bag, he looked up and smiled sheepishly at me. I asked where he was moving to and why he didn’t inform me about his departure but his reply cut through my heart life knife. He said he was going to another city where he would be free from hurt and neglect.
I was lost for words and for moments we were locked in our gaze. I knelt down beside him, holding his hands and starring at his deep sea green eyes. In that moment, I realized how much he meant to me and intuitively, I knew that I would have lost a gem if I hadn’t listened to Nnanke.

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We lay on that spot for hours, listening to alternative music like teenagers in their parent’s basement. We heard a rumbling sound and it happened to come from our stomach, light laughter escaped our lips then we got up. He gave me his hoodie to wear on my bum short because my chiffon wouldn’t shield me from the cold night air. Hand in hand, we headed for the local grill shop then finally joined some Mexicans that were celebrating.
That night I slept at his place; cuddling, watching the stars through the glass roof, listening to the waves crash on the beach and the sound of our heart beat in oneness. It was so beautiful and it felt like the universe and all it’s element aligned for us.

I woke up the next day to the smell of bacon and coffee, he kissed my forehead and served me breakfast in bed. As I was eating, he had a look of admiration on his face and I couldn’t help but blush. Mother Nature was being so nice to me and I sent a silent prayer to her. Despite the tingling sensation in my belly, I asked the universe to give me one last sign that the love I felt in my heart was meant to be.
He walked me to my beach house and left after talking to Nnanke. Nnanke’s countenance was different that morning but I waved it off and drowned in my happiness, I sang so loud and had a mini concert in the bathroom. I called my family to check up on them and went to my laptop to blog about happy moments and butterflies. Nnanke didn’t join me for the meditation which was strange, so I called her to know what the problem was, she replied that her mother had cancer and she got the news that morning. I was sad, because I knew how precious mothers are and the major roles they play in our lives. I asked for her account details and made a transfer for the operation. With teary eyes, she thanked me profusely and I left for Granpa Chief’s house. Grandpa Chief was attending to some guests so I spent my time playing with Layla and her kids. For a split second, I wished I had my own bundle of joy but my doctor have warned me against childbearing because I wasn’t medically fit for it. Not wanting to soil my mood, I tossed the thought to the back of my mind.

Still in my euphoria, I didn’t go straight home, I headed for Kelvin’s house and from his patio I could hear him having an argument with a lady. Shocked to hear a lady’s voice in his house I moved over to the back window to eavesdrop but they spoke in Danish and I couldn’t understand. I walked back home, unsettled. Something in me wanted to know what the argument was about so I concluded that I would bring it up when we see. Nnanke wasn’t home when I got back but I wasn’t in the mood to converse so I just went upstairs and slept. I heard a knock on my door and woke up, it was Nnanke, she came to inform me about Kelvin’s arrival. I changed my cloth and went downstairs to meet him, he looked so perfect wearing a shirt that matched his sea green eyes. We set a picnic at the beach side and ate together. I asked about his day and he said that he was out of the residence for the day and he just got back. I wasn’t a fan of dishonesty so I decided to monitor him closely. That night when he left, I went to Grandpa Chief’s house and explained everything to Layla. Layla told me to continue with my daily routine, that she would handle everything and I shouldn’t worry. Days passed and I didn’t hear from Layla, it was just myself and Grandpa Chief that went fishing. I was restless but I tried to clear my worries with meditation.

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Nnanke took a day off to visit her family, so Kelvin came over to spend the night. He wanted to have sexual knowledge of me but I told him to be patient, that we would do it in due time. I could see that he was not pleased but he didn’t try to force me, we slept. In the morning, I made fish sauce and pasta with some of the fish I caught a day before, he enjoyed it and drank fresh orange juice. Nnanke came in by noon looking weird, I could feel that her energy was off but I thought it was her mother’s health that was messing up her mood. I tried to reassure her but she was just so distant. Later that day, I went to see Layla and she told me that I had to move as soon as possible because Kelvin wasn’t who I thought he was. She said Kelvin was on the wanted list and he was good at robbing unsuspecting women off their sweat through deceit. She told me that Nnanke was his ally and I wasn’t safe in my beach house.
I asked her for proof because I couldn’t believe that my angelic Kelvin was capable of harming a fly. She provided all his criminal records and it turned out his name wasn’t Kelvin, his real name was Oscar Malthe. I felt a new kind of rage, it felt like I’d suppressed it for long. I screamed.
I felt taken advantage of so I informed my friend that worked with the Fraud and Identity Theft Enforcement (FITE) team. We laid out our plan and I pretended to be fooled by Kelvin and Nnanke’s acting. Kelvin brought a business proposal and invited his supposed brother to convince me to partner with them for a charity fund raising event. He said he needed my bank account for the donations from sponsors over the world. He was involved in a new money laundering ring and he wanted to use my account as a cover for their fraudulent transactions, what he didn’t know was that every single transaction on my account was monitored by the FITE team. Kelvin and his partners (including Nnanke) were nailed down with my help at the venue of the fund raising charity event.

I was drained emotionally and mentally and all I needed at that moment was to hug my mother so I bade my island family goodbye and took the next available flight home.

I still haven’t found the love I deserve but I’m at peace with myself and I know things will fall into pleasant places in due time.


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Albinism refers to a range of disorders that result from a reduction or absence of the pigment melanin. It is an incurable genetic condition that varies in severity and causes the carrier to have symptoms that affect the eyes, a white skin and light hair.PLWA also have a high risk of having skin cancer & Vision problem which can be treated.
Albinism is not limited to a particular race, gender, age, or ethnicity. According to research, 1 out of 5,000/15,000 people in sub-saharan Africa are affected by albinism.
There are some superstitions that surrounds Albinism in Africa. Superstitions that have caused PLWA to live in fear due to the fact that some people still believe that their body parts are very potent for voodoo which have over the years made the number of murdered, kidnaped and amputated Albinos high. Part of these superstitions is that having unprotected sex with PWLA can cure HIV/AIDS thereby making them targets for rapists with the disease. Some people think their families are being punished by ancestral spirits, some believe that PLWA don’t die but simply vanish, and that they are less intelligent compared to other people.

Although the health part of living with Albinism can be properly managed, most PLWA still face stigmatization due to the uniqueness of their skin. This stigmatization can lead to suicide, low self esteem, inability to socialize with peers, inability to further academic goals, and difficulty in finding a life partner.
The government and social workers have a big role to play in sensitizing the general public on ALBINISM so as to help develop the self esteem of PLWA and overcome stigmatization. PLWA are natural people with purpose and intellect, they deserve love, kindness, acceptance, happiness, normalcy and a chance to live their dreams.

In conclusion, when people living with albinism are shown support and love, they strive in their chosen field just like a girl named Jayde in my street that was living with albinism but didn’t let it define her future or happiness simply because her parents taught her self love from a tender age and she was lucky to be in an environment where most people are aware about albinism not being a disease or curse. Jayde was able to focus on her studies, she came out with good grades and that motivated her to speak up for other people living with albinism through her media platform. She started empowering other people living with albinism and now creating more awareness. There are so many people living with albinism that have great potentials but are still in their shell. It is our responsibility as a people to encourage and help them come out of their hiding.


As I was lounging on the terrace, I got a text from Amara asking me to confirm if I’ve gotten the alert from her husband, because their driver is on his way to my house. It’s almost a year and I still detest this, but I can’t stop now. I dressed up and prepared my body for another bed to grace, probably another orgasm to fake just to keep the cheque in check.
It was straight to business at Amara’s house, I could feel their hands and tools reaching every visible hole in my body. I didn’t scream today, and that made it less fun for Tobe so I switched style and fulfilled his fetish , I danced on raw eggs and teased him with my sticky legs while I watched his rock hard cock. As Tobe was grounding me aggressively, I was tongue deep into Amara stirring the sediment that had long ago settled at the bottom of her well. I paused to gasp for air, so, she sat reversed on Tobe while I sat on his face giving him all the juice.

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After we climaxed, I left for my boyfriend’s house to transfer all the money I made. We were saving up to start a life together, build an empire of ours from the scratch. Apparently, my boyfriend got into a fight with a rival gang member, and they came back to murder him in his house. It was devastating, disheartening and soul crushing, the unexpected happened to me, I panicked and was in utter confusion.

Everything we did was because of our future, we could have hustled clean, but we wanted fast results. I couldn’t cry even though I was burning with rage, I tried to scream but no sound came out. Till this moment it feels like my soul is broken, my body is exhausted and I’ve been reduced to a low vibration frequency being.